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Welcome home sweet one – {Hinesville GA newborn baby photographer}

I love watching my families grow!  It’s so rewarding to watch a new couple go from being freshly married, to new parents, and then watching babies grow into big brothers and sisters! Remember this guy?fbVJ7A9723mm

Well, he’s graduated up to big brother status!  Congratulations H family…she is a picture of perfection!


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Mini session opportunities – {Savannah GA children’s photographer}

We’ve gotten SO many inquiries about mini sessions this year!  (That and baby plans…more on those coming, so stay tuned!).  We don’t usually do a lot of mini sessions throughout the year for a few reasons:

1.  Our schedule fills up SO quickly with regular sessions, that we often just do not have space on our calendar for mini sessions.

2.  We can offer SO much more with our regular sessions….holiday themed and not, that usually our clients just book regular sessions (except for Christmas…because Christmas minis ROCK it every year! and we don’t usually keep our christmas props EXCEPT for minis)

3.  Our regular sessions really aren’t much more than what a mini session would be…especially given the amount of time and options you get, now that we’ve gone over to digital format.


BUT…alas, we have a ton of mini session lovers!:) SO, this year, we’ll be doing three themed “mini sessions”…..not counting Christmas minis (which have already started booking by the way! Wow…I love our clients!)

The first option:

Heirloom portraits.  If you missed that flyer, here you go!:)We are scheduling these around client/photographer schedules, so there aren’t any “specific” dates you have to come on.  Just call/email me and we’ll work it out:) I think we have a spot or two left for march before I cap those off and start booking April spots.  (limited spaces available)


Second mini session:

Swing portraits.  This one is OH.SO.STINKING.CUTE! Unfortunately, there is an age limit.  I can only fit babies up to about 20 lbs on this swing.  The swing will hold more weight, but length wise is where we run into the issue:) Twins up to about 8-9ish months will probably work as well.  Again, we are scheduling these around client/photographer schedules so just shoot me an inquiry if your interested in this one.

Here’s where the good part comes with this one.  50% of all proceeds from mini sessions 2&3 (swing and easter) will go to Memorial University’s child life department.  If you guys are not familiar with this part of Memorial…let me just say A) you are VERY blessed because your child has never been sick enough to need their services.  B) They are THE most incredible group of people I think we’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.  If you are on our facebook fan page, you know that our little guy Evan was VERY VERY sick back in January.  He had a ruptured appendix the day before his birthday and was rushed into surgery on his 3rd birthday.  He was in the hospital for 9 days, and they did everything in their power to make sure he was comfortable! They supplied toys when he was bored at the end of our stay, they helped us get to the play room when he could barely walk, but needed some interaction with other children.  They were there to push his IV pole when he walked half way and couldn’t take another step so I had to carry him.  They supplied teddy bears with hospital gowns when he didn’t understand his illness any other way.  They had a birthday cake with “happy birthday Evan” made especially for him since surgery on your birthday is not fun.  They comforted and encouraged us when we felt so, so, so helpless.  They supplied books, and games and countless stickers.  They came in with a hand made pillowcase and quilt because Evan LOVES puppies (and he still does not sleep without this blanket).    A lot of this area of memorial is donation and volunteer, as they could not supply any of these “luxuries” to our sick children without our help.  It may not seem AS important to someone who’s never had a very sick child, for them to be showered with stuffed animals, handmade blankets and pillows, etc…..but to a parent of a sick child, it means EVERYTHING just to see a smile on their face.  Even if it’s short lived.  We were VERY VERY fortunate that Evan had a ruptured appendix.  Does that sound strange?  Let me go on. Evan was not the sickest child on that floor….and for that, we are GUT WRENCHINGLY (if that’s a word) thankful.  Evan met friends in the playroom of that hospital that we’ll probably never see again, but they will weigh heavy on my mind.  Every.Single.Day.  So, I swore the day we left that hospital that we would be back to pay it forward.  This time, supplying funds so that the child life services can continue to be a blessing to sick children.



Easter minis!! (Third mini session option)

Again, 50% of all proceeds going to benefit Memorial University’s child life department, and dates are schedule around client/photographer schedules.

I do NOT have a picture for this one yet because I’m still waiting on supplies to come in from our vendors, but I’ll update as soon as I can! It’s going to be vintage themed with lots of burlap and lace….trust me, it’s awesome!

A 50% deposit is due when booking all minis.

–updated to add Easter set ups:




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