Memories for Keepsake, Photography by Nicole Williams


Photography is an investment.  I can remember one of my baby planners from a few years back who brought in a wedding dress to have her daughter photographed in from the time she was a newborn all the way through her third birthday.  The dress came tucked away in a box that was so incredibly and beautifully done, so we started chatting about it.  When my client told me how much she spent to have the dress preserved so that it wouldn’t deteriorate with age, my jaw dropped! I never had my own dress preserved, although now I wish I had of for my girls.  I remember thinking about the fact that she spent so much to have this dress preserved, and in return the craftsman who carefully and meticulously placed the dress in the air tight container,  invested his time and craftsmanship into ensuring that her beautiful gown was preserved for life.  For life.  To invest in having the most beautiful gown you will possibly ever own preserved for life is something most of us don’t even think about.  We just do it because we know that if we don’t, time will waste the dress away and it will begin to yellow and stiffen before we know it.  How can we think about our precious memories any differently?  Dr. Seuss once said “Sometimes you will never know the value of something until it becomes a memory”.   A wedding dress will last months without preservation…a precious newborn has only weeks before they are no longer considered a newborn.  I gasped  when I realized that my brand new 3 year old is no longer considered a “toddler”.  These moments are fleeting before our eyes, and the only way we can keep them forever is to preserve them.  Photography is an investment… insurance policy so that you will never forget what his sweet little face looked like on day 7, or what those wrinkly little hands looked liked wrapped around your finger.  Choosing the right photographer for you as investment as well, and it should reflect all the things you love in life.

My style is a mixture between classic, posed portraiture and candid.  I am a photographer that loves a good picture where everyone is posed and smiling, or tucking a newborn in a wooden bowl to capture all their cuteness.  Call me old fashioned, but there’s something that I love about my “classic” portraits.  I also love candid images because there’s no way to tell a story, or capture your family’s personality quite like capturing a candid.  To me, candids are little snowflakes in time, frozen just as you were.  When you hire me as your photographer, you will get a mixture of both classic and candid portraiture, because it’s who I am.