Memories for Keepsake, Photography by Nicole Williams

Best.summer.ever! {Savannah GA baby photographer}

There were some big frowny faces on the Williams children’s faces when we made the announcement that there would be no big family vacation this year.  We truly enjoy our family vacations, so we were all a little blue about it, but Dj just couldn’t take the time off this summer and I honestly couldn’t imagine renting our favorite condo on cinnamon beach without him.  I bargained with them instead by making this gigantic bucket list about 3 miles long, knowing there would be no way we’d finish it all….but, I’d die trying.  And I did.  So every week we crossed things off the bucket list as if they were top priority on my list of things to do for the week.  Slowly, we knocked things off one at a time.  Some were as simple as catching frogs and dancing in the rain, others involved SEVEN HOUR car rides. Seven hours.  With a toddler.  A toddler who has a bladder the size of a poppy seed and a set of lungs that puts any opera singer to shame.  Did I mention she has no problem saying “I gotta peeeeee” 14 MILLION times, and never gets tired.  She never.gets.tired!  As I sit here thinking about how fast this summer flew by though, I can say with confidence that this has been one of my favorite summers EVER.  We watched almost every single Harry Potter movie together, we caught frogs together, we walked to an old fashioned ice cream shop with friends, we went camping with grandparents, we visited the house that I grew up in FL with grandpa,  we went to the zoo several times, we ate off a food truck, we made ice cream sundaes with every topping imaginable before movie night every week, we visited “the blue water” (The gulf coast of FL….folks, I’m officially a beach snob and *still* trying to talk the husband into moving there.  I don’t care what he says, a snow cone stand directly adjacent to the sandbar bar and grille is the perfect career move for us both).  Although every item on our bucket list was exciting and fun, the best part was…we spent so much more than a week together.  I mean REALLY “together”.  I’ll miss this summer more than any other summer we’ve ever had!

Of course….in between all this summer fun, I get to snuggle babies and hang out with some of the coolest people on the planet! The husband says I could never move to the gulf because I’d miss my clients too much.  He’s probably right.


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Nicole Williams is a Savannah GA photographer who specializes primarily in newborn baby, infant, children's, and family photography.  Nicole has been photographing since 2008 and is well known in the Savannah, Rincon, Richmond hill, and Guyton Georgia areas. She has also worked frequently with clients in the Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton head island SC areas.  Nicole was one of the first modern day newborn photographers in our area and has had clients travel as far as Atlanta GA and Miami FL for her unique photography. 

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