Memories for Keepsake, Photography by Nicole Williams

Happy three months Everette!

I’ll admit, I’m {slightly} green with envy because this family is planning their trip to Disney and we just got back from ours.  I’m a Disney girl all the way! Just stow me away in Cinderella’s castle and I’ll just live there forever.  I’m like a giddy little girl through all the little shops on main street, and I’ll stand in a line for 3 hours to ride a banshee…..twice.  {maybe that happened} My husband, on the other hand, is like a Disney grinch.  Is there a Disney grinch? If not, there should be and he would be the perfect character for that part.  Have fun Alford family, and think about me while you are soaring away on a banshee…..yes, the three-hour wait is worth it 🙂

The three-month milestone is a difficult age to photograph because they are in between stages.  They typically aren’t young enough to get newborn poses, but they aren’t really old enough to get a lot of the fun, sitting, super smiley shots either.  A lot of times it’s difficult to get them to smile unless you are right in front of them, and sometimes they are intimidated by the camera.  I do think three months is a great milestone to capture though for a number of reasons.  First, you probably got a lot of sleepy pictures of your baby when they were a newborn.  This is the time to capture them wide-eyed and bushy tailed! They may not be super smiley, but it almost feels as if you can see right through them when they make eye contact.  Second, if you are doing milestone pictures, this is an important milestone!  Our baby plans include sessions at: newborn, in between 3-5 months, in between 6-9 months and one year.  This is because we want to capture your baby at newborn, when he’s laying on his tummy and can lift his head unassisted, when he’s sitting, when he’s standing, and of course the one year! We’ve been doing baby plans for many years, and this is the perfect way to capture all of your little one’s biggest milestones!

Happy three months little guy! I’ll see you again when you are sitting! 🙂


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Nicole Williams is a Savannah GA photographer who specializes primarily in newborn baby, infant, children's, and family photography.  Nicole has been photographing since 2008 and is well known in the Savannah, Rincon, Richmond hill, and Guyton Georgia areas. She has also worked frequently with clients in the Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton head island SC areas.  Nicole was one of the first modern day newborn photographers in our area and has had clients travel as far as Atlanta GA and Miami FL for her unique photography. 

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