Memories for Keepsake, Photography by Nicole Williams

I’m back!

After nearly two years of whining and pining and missing my clients, I am officially able to open up my schedule! It’s been a LONG two years ya’ll, but the degree has been obtained, certifications achieved, and life goal number 428 has been met! I am beyond excited about coming back to what I love! While I was away, I’ve had some time to reflect on the past 8 years that I’ve been doing photography and realized that those were some of the happiest, most fulfilling years of my life.  I was able to express myself in a way through photography that allowed me to sustain a sense of inner peace and happiness that is inexplicable. I developed life long friendships that I can’t imagine my life without, and got to watch some pretty great kids sprout from tiny little newborns to pre-teens! Of course,  I developed a love and a passion for ultrasound during my away time as well, but I haven’t been able to overcome this sinking feeling that a {big} part of my life is missing.  I shot a little here and there for friends, co-workers, and clients that just couldn’t let go {smile}, but I knew that driving force that led me to photography in the first place would eventually lead me right back to where my heart is. 

So here we are! I spent months trying to figure out whether or not I’d pick up where I left off.  I left my business on great terms, so I didn’t want to fix something that wasn’t broken.  Then again, I really wanted to start fresh with some new ideas!  Ultimately I decided I’d do a little of both.  Taking a step back gave me a chance to really dig back to my roots and rediscover who I am as an artist.  You will all see that the website is fresh and new! I’ve also made some small tweaks and changes to the pricing and packages offered.  You will also see some cool promotions coming up in the very near future, but will only last for a limited time.  I’ve updated all of our social media outlets…..(you know you have been away for a little while when you realize you have 0 friends on Instagram and twitter, because…what are those anyway…bah!)  I do hope that you all will join me there!  I am still working in ultrasound (my second passion), and spaces will be limited to 1-2 sessions per week, so book ahead for ideal dates!  I am so excited to see your sweet faces again, it’s been way too long! 

Please see our “upcoming events” tab for more information on this month’s promotion.


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Nicole Williams is a Savannah GA photographer who specializes primarily in newborn baby, infant, children's, and family photography.  Nicole has been photographing since 2008 and is well known in the Savannah, Rincon, Richmond hill, and Guyton Georgia areas. She has also worked frequently with clients in the Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton head island SC areas.  Nicole was one of the first modern day newborn photographers in our area and has had clients travel as far as Atlanta GA and Miami FL for her unique photography. 

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