Memories for Keepsake, Photography by Nicole Williams

Post holiday chaos – {Savannah GA newborn baby photographer}

This morning was like a scene off of home alone, only I was headed to work instead of Paris.  The teens were all hollering over the sound of blow dryers upstairs, while scrambling around trying to find their clothes (that I told them to lay out over the weekend).  Noah was a picture perfect version of a holiday hangover as he drug himself down stairs with one sock on and his shirt slung over his shoulder that he needed ironed (like last night).  Aiden and Evan were both frantically flossing and brushing their teeth because they KNOW mom is about to come in with the phone flashlight checking all the crevices (I’ll likely have to tell them to brush again).  Ella and Mae are lined up in my bathroom waiting to get their hair brushed and braided fussing about what we are riding first at Disney in FEBRUARY.  As I’m standing in the middle of all of the pure chaos (that may be sugar coating how this morning really went), I had to smile just a little.

The thing is, the chaos doesn’t last long enough.

One day the halls of our upstairs will be empty.  One day I’ll no longer need to check teeth and braid hair….and I know I’ll miss it. One day, I’ll laugh at these times that we mirror scenes from home alone.  All we have left of the childhoods of our grown children are the memories that we created with them. I am forever grateful for each and every moment of chaos that I got to share with them, but Lord knows it just wasn’t enough time.  Things that were big deals back then, we often refer back to and laugh about now (eh hmm infamous drivers test…you know who you are).

So as you are rushing out the door, take a minute to breathe in the chaos.  Force a smile.  Laugh a little. The coffee spilled on your pants as you are rushing out the door will mean very little next week.  The socks on the laundry room floor won’t be there tomorrow (you probably won’t even be able to find them tomorrow).

Just remember, one day….the only dishes that will be left in the sink, will be yours.


Congratulations Basemore family! She is perfect!


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Nicole Williams is a Savannah GA photographer who specializes primarily in newborn baby, infant, children's, and family photography.  Nicole has been photographing since 2008 and is well known in the Savannah, Rincon, Richmond hill, and Guyton Georgia areas. She has also worked frequently with clients in the Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton head island SC areas.  Nicole was one of the first modern day newborn photographers in our area and has had clients travel as far as Atlanta GA and Miami FL for her unique photography. 

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