Memories for Keepsake, Photography by Nicole Williams

What’s the point?

I.GET.IT.  Uh, no seriously…nobody gets it more than me.

{Set the scene} You plan a huge family vacation and everyone is going to be there.  You plan the date, book condos side by side, put the PTO in on the work calendar and start shopping for bikinis (until you realize you put on a few extra pounds from Christmas and then you start looking at skirted one pieces, but that’s another story for another time).  You are excited! You think it over a little bit and decide that you should have big family portraits made because opportunities like this don’t happen often.  So, you find the perfect photographer and book the date! Then, you tell everyone to coordinate clothing and ALL.IS.GOOD.

So the time comes and you all head down to the big family vacation spot.  All the kids are having a grand time and you look at the weather to see what day will be perfect for portraits.  Rain.  Only it’s not like 100% chance on three days and the other 4 are 20%…it’s like 60% for every afternoon.  What in the world will we do now? You know if you tell everyone to get ready on one day, that day HAS to work because there’s no way in heck everyone is going to get ready for pictures twice.  The men and children in the family are all already complaining about just ONE day.  So you pick a day and pray for the best….only when the day comes, it’s sprinkling and everyone is complaining, but you tell them all to get over it because the chance of rain is the same for every day.  Now everyone is pissy.  Great.

But you head out anyway to the spot you chose because you are determined to get one shot of you all together even if four kids are crying, one is picking his nose, and the adults have wet hair.  This is the stuff memories are made of right?  Is it even worth it?

It is.  This is why.

Because how else do you get to capture uncle Brad at his best?

No, but really. When I gave my mom the image below on a gallery wrap for Christmas….there were tears ya’ll.  Real, heartfelt, giant alligator tears because it made her heart happy.  IT.WAS.WORTH.IT.  It’s not perfect.  Somebody thought they looked fat {probably me, but another story for another time}, one toddler had her hand in her mouth the entire time {95% sure she’s eating sand}, the other had his finger in his nose the entire time.  Two dads were over it by the end…..pretty sure my husband was over it before it started. Half of all the women who were blessed with thick hair now have frizzy, wet, labradoodle hair because of the rain.  But we are all there….together.  That same year, our family changed.  We gained a son-in-law, and soon we will be adding more members to our family.  This was us….the original bunch, and we will never have that again.  Yes, it’s worth it.


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